Time for Physician Immigration Reform


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All of us are looking to continue to work in USA and need Green Card. Most of don't qualify for EB-1 and EB-2 for India is backlogged. It's helpful to have EB-2 NIW as you are not dependent on Employer for filing Green Card/PERM but still it's EB-2 and will take ages for Green card to come.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is not coming. We need Physician Immigration reform to get physician green card out of cap and be able to file our own green card without the need of employer. It should matter whether you are in underserved are or not, whether you completed your training on J-1 or H-1 visa.

I wish physician associations like AAPI; AAPNA would take up this cause with Capitol Hill.

My 2 cents if you are from India, email the president of AAPI (if you have not heard about AAPI...click this link or go this web address... http://aapiusa.org/ ) to take up the cause for Physicians immigration.

The email address for AAPI President is president@aapiusa.net
Ajeet R. Singhvi, MD, FACG
President, AAPI

It’s time to voice our opinion as Congress ears are open with coming elections.