Thought on Making a Valid Point in front of legislators


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Currently, As we stand-There is no plan to increase the quota at this time. There is always the chance that this will change.

Contact your legislators to make sure that they appreciate the problem. Remember that they may be more influenced by the impact on American economy and business than on the plight of immigrants.

In 2000, the US Congress recognized that slow government processing hurt American competitiveness. In the years after 9/11, changes in background clearance checks and government inefficiencies led to a much lower than usual number of approvals.

Only in the most recent fiscal year did the government start to approve residence requests within the 180 days demanded by law. But the pent up demand of so many years of mishandled cases was more than the normal annual supply of visas could support.

The Congress should authorize at least a temporary increase equal to the numbers unusued in previous years when the government failed to approve cases within the 180 days required by law. That temporary increase would most likely be sufficient to take care of what is probably an artificial surge of applications caused by government mishandling in the past.

Let's present it to our legislators.