Terrified of re-entering US - TN denied 6 months ago

Hi there,

The headline says it all. I went for a TN visa 6 months ago (in April) and was denied based on my experience not being exactly what they wanted for the category. I have since stayed out of the U.S. for 6 months and I wanted to go on vacation next month to Florida for 2 weeks.

I am absolutely terrified of re-entering as the border agents gave me such a hard time, I am fearful I can never enter the U.S. again. I have gone out of my way to avoid even stopping at a U.S. airport on a layover for the past few months.

Here are my questions:

- If i was denied a TN visa, does that mean I am denied entry into the U.S. and will forever have a hard time getting back in because of a "black stamp" on my record? My lawyer never adequately answered this question, just said "they can deny you if they see fit".

- If I am denied THIS time, then I will probably never be allowed back in the U.S., right?

- Are they going to deny me based on zero basis? I know from dealing with them last time they can make a decision if they want to, despite having all the materials by the book and following all the rules. I'm terrified they'll deny me for whatever reason they invent.

- If I have an enter and return ticket, as well as my employment records and am with my family members - will that constitute strong ties to Canada?

Is there any way for me to look up my record (i'm scared they wrote something on it - the border agent DESPISED me and told me they "didn't need me here" and "needed more doctors and engineers to save this country" and threw my passport at me), and see if they did this? Is there any way for me to call the U.S. consulate (I know that seems like a waste of their time) to see if I can come back into the U.S.?

Please help. I'm not sure I can make my flights, or if I should enter at a land crossing to avoid wasting the costs on a flight.


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Canadian visitors are generally admitted into the US, a TN denial notwithstanding. Sounds like an overreach on your part with the TN attempt.

Anyone, however, could be denied for any reason.. the lawyer is correct. But all you could do is try making the trip. No one here can guarantee you'd be allowed to fly or admitted at a land border. That's a risk you have to decide if you're willing to take.
Prior TN denial should not prevent you from entering US for a two week vacation on B2 status.
DId they give you any paperwork after the denial? Or did they ask you to withdraw you application for TN?
Bring evidence of strong ties to Canada. Return airfare, recent pay stubs of you current Job, lease or mortgage documents, utility bills, car registration, car insurance, etc. Only show CBP if asked.
I am sure they can look up any prior entry into US and your TN denial based on your name, date of birth and passport numbers.
But if you are honestly just going on vacation in US, you should have no problem.
They will only refuse entry if they suspect you are trying to work illegally in US. It is up to CBP officer. They are highly trained to detect lies.