TD interview Date of wife and My TN expiry Date!!


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Hi all,

My current TN is valid till Apr 08. And, My wife in Fiji is almost Set to get a US Visa interview Date in Fiji Consulate for Dec 07.

1) Now, I had read somewhere, it is important to have at least SIX months of my TN visa validity at the time of my Wife's visa Interview. Is it possible for me to apply for a TN Visa Renewal sometimes during End of Nov 07? If the Border guys ask me the reason, I may be able to explain them about my Wife's TD interview in Dec 07. Other Advantage to get Earlier TN renewal for me would be, I can start my Greencard filing Process like Labor approval, as soon as my TN gets renewed for another year!

2) The Second thing is, the Fiji US consulate guys were NOT familiar with TN visa when I had called them during my stay in Fiji some 3-4 months back. Is it advisible for her to Carry some TN visa related Documents from the US immigration website?

Eventhough I have provided my wife with all the necessary documents, marriage pics etc from my side, I am bit Worried about these above scenarios.

Please share your thoughts! Thanks.


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There is no requirement for any period of TN validity to be granted a TD stamp.

The embassy in Figi is as hooked into the state department website as your are.