Tax return questions !


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Hello, I recently moved to the US under a TN1 visa and will be residing here for 3 years ( that is when my visa expires ) or more depending on if my Visa gets renewed.

The move and relocation happened really fast that i never had a chance to talk to any accountant about the proper procedures that i had to follow for moving to the us and letting Canada know about it.

I worked for about 3 months this year (2011) in Canada doing freelance for a couple of different companies and then moved to the us in April, I currently pay taxes on all my paychecks, I live in Maryland and I pay everything that I have to, I have a social security number , I have a Maryland drivers license ( they took my Canadian one when i switched), I have no ties to Canada besides 2 banks , My parents and sister live there but they are not dependent on me. I believe the US considers me a resident alien.

What forms and steps should I fill and take so that I do not pay taxes for both countries, or that I only pay taxes to Canada in relation to the 3 months i was still there prior to moving to the us?

How will it work in tax time comes ?

should i fill the NR73 form?

please let me know about anything else i have not thought about , i just wanna make sure i don't get double taxed and that I have no trouble when i return to Canada, be that in 3 years or more.