Tax clearance for traveling with a Asylee Travel document

Luis Marquez

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Hello Everyone,

I'm a green card holder and just got my Asylee travel document. Inside there's some information saying I should get some kind of tax certificate before leaving the country. Has anybody traveling with this document done this?. If so, how is the process on getting that certificate? How long does it take? I'm traveling to Spain in August and Would like to do it ASAP but I'm not being very lucky finding info online.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!


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No need. I forgot what it says exactly, but I have not heard of anyone requiring any tax documents, especially for short travel abroad.
Hi everyone,
I being granted asylum on October 3th 2017. I applied for RTD and it will expire on January 2019. I had a trip on March 23 untill April 16th.
First: I want to go on a trip again for about 2 months, is it ok? Do you think it isn't problem for immigration? Or isnt make any problem for me to renter to the US? Or to get my green card?
Second: can I apply for my green card after 9 months pass from my granted asylum day? Or do I need to wait exactly one year after my granted asylum day?
Please please answer me if you guys have any experience about.