Sydney Consulate and emails


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Hi. My spouse has her IR-1 interview next Tuesday, July 1st. On June 12th, we sent an email to the Consulate (using the designated email address) asking permission for me, the petitioner, to attend the interview. Sydney allows this, but demands that you get prior permission. We heard nothing back until June 20th, when we got an "auto-reply" that said nothing. We sent another email marked "SECOND REQUEST" on June 22nd, and got the "auto-reply" email within one hour.

We've heard nothing from them other than auto-reply. We are a week away from the interview, and I am starting to panic. Has anyone else had this experience? I'm going to be pretty cheesed off if they don't let me in - I've had airline tickets and hotel reservations for us both since we got our interview date on June 11th!

Sukie in Oz