Switching from Cap Exempt Employer to Cap Subject Employer before October (without going outside USA


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Currently with Cap Exempt COMPANY A in 6th Year H1B & plan to work there until May 2014. I do have I-140 GC approved through Company A. Never been in Cap h1 b4.

I am looking to switch jobs to a Cap subject COMPANY B soon. We can get a concurrent H1B for working part time(PT) initially with them. COMPANY B will file GC ASAP.

Question:When I change over Full Time to COMPANY B from previous concurrent Part time H1B in May/June 2014,

1) will I be able to able to make this switch ?- to go full time for COMPANY B even when I am not going to work with cap exempt COMPANY A -after May 2014) (the I-140/GC meant for future employment is going to be valid and not revoked)

2) Do I need to stop working with COMPANY B till Oct. 1st? OR previous PT ConcurrentH1B 4 COMPANY B is able to converted to Full time without issue?

(Current H1 is valid till Oct 2014 with opportunity to recapture 30 more days which I spent outside USA on vacation. Given my birth origin country, it will take about 3-4 more years for reaching the I-485 stage from this point in time.Thank you.)
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