Surrendering GC and applying for visitor visa


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Hi Experts,

Need your advice with a concern that I have regarding applying for a visitor visa for my spouse. We have actually returned back to India after living in the US for over 12 years. Myself and my children are US citizens. My spouse opted to keep the Indian citizendhip.

We now want to surrender my spouse's GC since its been over 2 years living outside the US and don't plan to turn back anytime soon and at the same time also apply for a visitor visa for any future visits. Would there be any trouble getting the visitor visa given our situation. What are the supporting documents that will be needed.

Has anyone in this forum experienced a similar situation. It would be really helpful if you could share your experience.

Thanks in advance.


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It should be very easy to get a tourist visa. Just show proof that you all live in India and have reasons to stay there, and if she surrenders her GC simultaneously, there would be practically zero reason to deny her a visa.


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is it required to turn in the GC, does it not get voided upon the anniversary of exiting the US? (2 years in the case a re-entry permit was secured?)