Supporting document UK Visa


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I apologise if this question has been posted in this forum but I wasn’t able to find the answer to it anywhere. I wanted to know if a notorized copy of green card would suffice as a document proof instead of the original US permanent resident card for U.K. visa application?


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I would recommend asking the Home Office directly. You can phone them and I have found them to be surprisingly helpful!


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You don’t hand in your actual green card to anyone! My family applied for UK visas from the US, we certainly didn’t notarize anything so if anything re green card was sent in with the application it was just a normal photocopy. The biometrics for the UK visas in the US are done via USCIS field offices and they do check/confirm status for the UK visa app when doing so (I think it actually says this somewhere when you do the booking for the bio).