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What do you mean with "CONSTITUENT"? Can it be signed by a person who is not a U.S. citizen?

Tim Zheng

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My trip was wonderful. I didn\'t enconter any problem. The biggest hassle was airport security check, especially when I came back from Amsterdam.


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Thanxs Tim for your info

Tim, when you came back to the US did u get a new I-94? I will be travelling to Canada for a short trip, which I-94 (the one with asylum approve date or the new one i will get after i come back from Canada) should i send with my I-485 application?
Thaxs for your help!

Robin Grey

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S. 1311/H.R. 4074

Hello Everyone,

I really hope the S. 1311/H.R. 4074 could be moved forward in the Congress this year. By the way, a simple question, how soon will you receive the fingerprinting notice after you filed the I-485 form?
Thanks a lot!


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It varies, could be up to five years if you filed before 1998. Or it could be up to 10 years (maybe more, who knows?) if you filed in 2002. For intermediate years, the waiting time increases progressively.
All this under the assumption that the 10,000 quota is not modified, the President of the US timely approves the Presidential Determination every FY, and the INS effectively approves 10,000 visas every FY.