Summons case for Trespassing

Hi, I had recently recieved p i n k summons in NYC for now swyping my card at metro station.,

i have unlimited raids in it, but unfortunately in rush I didnt swyped and went through the main door,

so police caught me and given me pink summons stating that Trespass violation.

I am suppose to attend the court soon, I called the court clerk and to my surprise I come to know that court

has not accepted case because of some wrong details.
From Immigration point of view, I am not convicted, I am going to collect documents from court saying the case is defective not admitted at all, but what should be the future care like do I need to carry the proof of monthly pass,bank statements also for ever along with the court disposition letter?? or do I need to collect the arrest records from police also ? any other things do I need to take care.