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H1B extension.

Hi Rajiv,
My employer substituted labor (RIR) in Apr 2005 with DOL. Last week we came to know that they denied my labor application, but I have my 6th year H1 up to 12/12/2007. Is there any way to file my 7th year extension based on appeal period?

If yes.. On DOL screenshot I still see original beneficiary name not my name on the screenshot. How can we apply for 7th year extension.

Mean time my employer also stared new PERM process to get the labor certification.


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Thursday June 28th Conference Call


Where should I post my Question for Thursday June 28th Conference Call?
I am not able to post a new thread for it?

When would the Moderator enable a new thread for posting questiongs for Thursday June 28th Conference Call?


Anyways, my question is:

I have a valid H1B Visa till August 2009, stamped on my passport.
My wife has a valid F1 Visa till August 2009, stamped on her passport.

As all the priority dates are current, I will be applying my I-485, AOS & EAD now.We are in process of filling the relevant forms and Questionnaire for these applications.

I have my I-140 applied in premium processing and it is in pending status.

My wife & I have plans to travel to India on 11th July, 2007 and returning back on 20th July, 2007.

Wanted to know:

1) We fill all the forms now and apply for I-485, AOS & EAD and then leave for India on 11th July and re-enter US based on our valid VISA status in our passports.
When we re-enter US, we will send the updated entry date & I-94 arrival/departure information to INS again.

Do I need any I-485 receipt to re-enter USA again? Or our valid Visa is just enough to re-enter USA on 20th July, 2007?

Can you please let me know this understanding of mine on this topic is correct?

2) Second option being we come back from India and then apply for I-485, AOS & EAD.

But in that case, I will be that many days behind in applying which may affect my application. Or dates may get retrogressed too.

Or rumors are like that USCIS might stop accepting files if they get tremendous amount of files in first two days.

Can you please let me know if my understanding is correct for these two points?



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140 and 485 related questions

hello Rajiv and team,

Thanks for having such a forum which gives us tremendous in sight on what options we have

I have a specific question for my case

1) My labor just got approved from the backlog center after 4 years of wait. I have priority date of June 2003 and EB3. Now, can i file for 140(premium processing) and 485 and not worry about H1 visa extension? That way, I put my shoe in the door and worry about paper work which can come at a later time. Is my understanding correct? Or should I wait for 140 to clear up and then apply for 485? what are pros and cons of it?

2) If I apply for 485 and get EAD, Advance Parole, do I still have to get my 8th year h1 extension?



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change of jobs after applying for 485-

Hello Rajiv and team,

This is a great help and a wonderful forum.

As I could not locate the thread to post a question for the 28th June confrence call, I am posting it here,

My husband applied for the 485, EAD AND AP in the month of June.
Is there any way he can change his job with EAD before 180 days?

And is interim EAD's available and after how many days one can apply for it?

Thankyou very much for such a wonderful service.



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Please convey my Thanks to Rajiv ji for answering my question (regarding a friend's family emergency).

It is a great service and appreciate Mr.Rajiv's effort.

Thank you

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