Successfull CP/POE from mubai on 24th june/9july


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pretty simple procedure.

had paid 260$ fees in states.
as described by other previously
no non-transparent things allowed.

went straight to window 10 and he asked to wait for my turn, took my appointment letter. the office had my name checked off from the paper he pasted on wall with all employemnt based CP interview apointee.

called on after hour or so for collecting paper.

no Indian PCC required.
no IRS-9003 asked.
no I-864 asked.( was mentioned on appointment letter.)
keep copies of all document. i had to run for copies inside consulate. they only ask for copies of some document like BC.

* birth certificate copies.
*appointment letter
*Emplyement offer letter(job offer Notorised)
*unsigned Ds-230 part II ( will ask you to change address (in india)on part I)
*affidavit of support( if sponsering your wife and children. i did forgot my daughter's I-134. he told me to make copy of my wife's I-134 which has my daughter's name)
*PCC from US consulate for each
*recommonded photo (3) for each applicant

if u are with family.
make set of all these docs seperately for each applicant.
i was baffled in taking out docs for each.

interview time was 10:30

called all three together..
took oath first...

questions asked: for whom do u work in states
where did u studied?USA or india
which univercity in india?

thats it.. told to collect packet at 3:00
meet prasadk inside consulate.

line starts at 3:00
collected document at 4:00. u have to be in line all time after 3:00. as line finishes they close window for the day and u can't get your document untill next day morning.

returned back on july 9:00 morning 10:40 at SFO

there is line/entry for new immigrants.

waited for 30 minutes. officer was trying to clear all GC holder immigration ahead of me. told me to wait for some time.

got finger prints. just index finger.
tookout all paper from packet.
made check with computer.
put stamp on passport.
no questions asked.

thats all the experience.
i got my GC in 1 year 2 months. was not aware of AC-140 or i would have got in 11 months.

thanks much to all forum members for sharing their thoughts and views.


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they did put stamp on my h1 visa

" cancelled without prejudice"
" consulate general of united states mumbai"

no stamp or indication other than this.

other interesting thing at POE.

the PR stamp looks so cheap , you may wonder is that all or what we waited so long for..

one stamp notes

"entered on
valid until .......infinite .(officer did put words)

other stamp notes....

three line stamp very very simple stamp like we get in india in govt office...

"temporary evidance of permanant immigration ......"
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Chandu Bhai

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Bagat.. Congrats.Where did the consulate

send your packet4? Did you ask them to send it to Indian address or U.S.? If Indian address, did you ask them to send the enire packet4 or just the appointment letter?I have sent a mail to the consulate as soon as my P3 was sent,but there is no reply.Thanks.


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i havnt mentioned my indian address. so they did sent me to my attorney in US. As a precaution ,my friend did collected copy of appointment letter from mumbai consulate.

Beside mine was NOT AC-140 case. i followed regular St.louise,portsmouth,mumbai consulate path.

hope this helps..
Best luck..
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Chandu Bhai

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Thanks Bhagat....Mine is also normal CP

process in BombayMy P3 was sent this month,so when can I expect the interview? By the way where would you recommend for the medicals? Thanks.


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form 9003


I have the following question: you mentioned that during the interview the consulate did not require 9003 form.

I received my package and there was NOT form 9003 enclosed.
Also consulate did not mention anything about tax records in any of the required documents.

Did you have to show tax records and for how many years?

Do they keep a copy of your tax records with them or do they just look at it and return it?

I appreciate your help.


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chandubhai, zzvv


dont know. lost track of cp interview.
suggest lilavati.


they didnt asked anythig about my US employment, nither IRS9003 not paystub nothing...

some people is forum mentioned that theey been asked about that. better to carry.

best luck


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Hotel information

Congrats Bhagat.. What hotel would you suggest. I am expecting my interview in September, atleast that's what Mumbai Consulate has replied.
I was looking for a hotel may be near Consulate which should primarily be safe. How much time does it take in Hospital. What is the procedure for getting appointment in hospital.
I have asked Mumbai Consulate to send my P4 to India address. Do I need to have the appointment letter to get an appointment in hospital.


Cp 01

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Did you receive your Green Card (Plastic Card)?

Hi Bhagat,

How long does it normally take to receive the plastic card. I entered the country on July 7, JFK, not yet recevied my card.

Have you got your card?. What to do if the card is not recevied in a month's time. Is there any number to call?

Please reply.

Seeking Information from Gurus for change from AOS to CP

Hello All:

Greetings..I am too late to be in this forum. But since most of u are already in advanced stages, I could get help and valuable suggestions. I485/140 filed in dec 2002. I140 aproved in March 2003 under EB2 category. Now I am contemplating CP at Bombay.

Can someone let me know from the date the request is made for a change from AOS to CP, roghly how long it can take before mumbai consulate finally recieves my documents?

My understanding from forum threads is once its there, the interview may well come before 3 months. But prior to that, how much delay and total processing time can I expect while various docs are sent back and forth between INS, NVC and lawyer?

Thanks in advance for any pointers on this all.



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1. Apply for I-824 which is change of process from AOS to CP - Will get receipt number online in about 2-3 weeks from mailing I-824

2. Based on the receipt of I-824 receipt, request your attorneys to file AC I-140 with Mumbai Consulate - 1 week mailing, 1 week to enter in consulate. This step requires attorneys since AC stands for attorney certified.

Wait for 2-3 months after step 2. Mumbai and Delhi are th only 2 Indian consulates that accept AC I-140.

So total about 4-5 months after I-140 approval with AC I-140 route as opposed to 6-8 months the regular CP route.


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Question for Successful CP Processors: W2 Forms For CP Processing

I am in US from past 2 years on H1-B and donot have a W2 form for a year but I have filed my taxes as dependent for the 2 years. One in which I have W2 form and one I donot have a w2 form. Will that be a problem in CP processing. Can I manage with a 1040 form or the Tax Transcripts form the Ins.

I did not have any income for the first year but I was on H1-B. So, I was out of H1-B status. But I did file the Taxes as Dependent of my Husband. That is we both filed it together. So, I will be able to get the Tax Transcript for both the years.
So, will that be enough or I am taking a big risk. As I want to go for CP.

Thank You. Any suggestion will be appreciated and helpful.


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yes I-824 receipt/ approval copy should ideally be included bcoz this authorizes the consulates to start working on the cp case.


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Thanks kdivekar.
One more question. If I want to go for AC-140, do I still need the approved I-824 or can I use the receipt only for packets 3 & 4. Thx.


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What is going to be you consulate? Indian consulate or elsewhere?

N.Delhi and Bombay consulates accept AC I-140 based on I-824 receipt.

Chennai requires I-824 approval before you one can proceed with CP.