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  1. mallik123

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    Hi, Folks
    I am from India, Andhra Pradesh. I got J1 wavier on the basis of "No Objection". . Here I am giving the timeline.

    1.29th June send affidavits to MHRD, Delhi, Passport office, Hyd and Secretariat of AP. (cover letter along with affidavits received from Indian consulate Chicago).

    2. 12th July received letter from MHRD Delhi saying that incomplete application, and in-reply I send the letter with required information.

    3. 11th Aug received waiver letter from MHRD Delhi.

    4. 28th Aug Secretariat of AP send the waiver letter directly to Indian Consulate Chicago, (I got this information when my father inquired at Secretariat of AP)

    5. 22nd Sept Passport office of Hyderabad send the waiver letter by email to the Indian consulate Chicago. ( (I got this information when my father inquired at Passport office hyd.)

    6. Contacted Indian Consulate Chicago by mail/phone to confirm that they received all three waiver letter but no response from Chicago consulate. Finally decided to send the stage 2 NORI application to Indian consulate chicago.

    7. 29th Sept. send the stage II NORI affidavit and fee along with cover letter stating that all three departments send the waiver letters to directly to Indian consulate Chicago. ( I attached copy of MHRD waiver letter and copy of Secretariat of AP waiver letter, my father able to get a copy of this letter)

    8. 29th Sept fill the DS3035 application and send this application to DOS along with all the DS2019 forms, SOR and other documents (passport copy).

    9.13th Oct received waiver letter from Indian Consulate Chicago.

    10. 26th Oct Received copy waiver letter that send to DOS from Indian Consulate Washington

    11. 04th Nov got copy of favorable recommendation send to USCIS from DOS

    12. 06th Nov got letter from USCIS saying that they received letter from DOS and receipt numer. I used this number the check the status online.

    13. 12th Nov USCIS updated on the website that they send the approved notification.

    14. 16th Nov received the final waiver approved notice from USICS.

    It took 4 and half month for me to get complete wavier.

    Note: Don't wait by assuming that you will receive copy of waiver letter from respective departments in India. That may not be true, since I read the threads from the same forum saying that they did not receive letter from Indian after 1 year or so. So send someone to those departments get the information. also note if Chicago consulate receive all three letters then also they will not inform you that they received the letters from India.

    Thanks to you all since I got to learn many things regarding J1 waiver from this forum. All the best who being in the process of getting waiver and others. If you have any doubts let me know.
  2. aparna7884

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    Congratulations on the waiver. Four and a half months is a wonderful time. I'm waiting last 6 months and hopefully should be cleared in next few weeks. I have a question, how long did it take for the DOS to update the status as NORI received after the letters are forwarded from consulate. I know consulate sends a letter to embassy and embassy f/w it to DOS.

    Good luck!
  3. mallik123

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    Indian embassy Washington send the letter to DOS and Me at the same time ( I believe), it took around 4 days to update on DOS, after I receive letter form Washington
  4. ficke

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    They got my NOS 21. september but there is no more information for almost 2 month.And I also sent them a change of status on 7. october and they did not put that information on my case file page either.

    No Objection Statement Received September 21, 2010
    Fee Received July 08, 2010
    Form DS-3035 Received July 08, 2010
    Form DS-2019 Received July 08, 2010
    Passport Data Page Received July 08, 2010
    Statement Of Reason Received July 08, 2010
  5. mallik123

    mallik123 Registered Users (C)

    what is the Change of Status ? Do you mean changed your visa type?
  6. ficke

    ficke Registered Users (C)

    sorry.Its change of address paper
  7. mallik123

    mallik123 Registered Users (C)

    Probably you should call DOE mentioning your case number and check your mail box at old address..
  8. chandrad99

    chandrad99 New Member

    Hi Mallik,
    MHRD-delhi received my papers on Oct 15 (Sent by FedEx) but I haven't received anything from them yet. Do you know who to contact at MHRD regarding this?

  9. mallik123

    mallik123 Registered Users (C)

    Hi, Chandra..

    Do not worry about MHRD-Delhi papers. You will diffidently receive it. Concentrate on other papers
  10. vsksajja

    vsksajja New Member

    Hi Mallik,
    I am planning to apply for J1 visa waiver. I am from andhra pradesh. Can you please give the address for home department to submit forms and the details of documents required to submit. Did you ask someone to submit forms personally at passport office and home department or posted them?!!!

  11. annie27

    annie27 New Member

    Really informative thread...thanks for sharing with us.
  12. Murck

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    Hey there,

    can anyone tell me what the following means? Im so confused...

    Funding Source Memo Sent February 03, 2011
    Unknown Requested February 03, 2011

    No Objection Statement Received January 20, 2011
    Fee Received November 02, 2010
    Form DS-3035 Received November 02, 2010
    Form DS-2019 Received November 02, 2010
    Passport Data Page Received November 02, 2010
    Statement Of Reason Received November 02, 2010

    Thank you
  13. jmmy

    jmmy New Member

    funding source memo

    Hi Murck,

    I have the same situation. Did you find out what does it mean?

    Funding Source Memo Sent March 15, 2013
    Unknown Requested March 15, 2013


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