successful H1 stamping in Mexico with 3 yr degree


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I have a three year degree(Bcom) from India, then came to the
US for my masters but did not graduate.
I have been working for three years now and decided to try my luck at Tijuana for a multiple entry stamping.
I took all tax papers and also had an educational evaluation done to show that my bachelors in India along with the courses taken here is equivalent to a US bachelors degree.
The lady at the interview was more interested in my I797, company info and most importantly paystubs.She asked paystubs of the person infront of me also, then that was it, she just gave me the visa, I did notice that there were a lot of people in the Tijuana consulate for H1 multiple stamping and most of them seem to have been approved.
I used a website for help in getting to the embassy and for my Mexico permit and visa fees.

Just an FYI for people planning to go to Mexico for visa stamping.


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Hello hardy,
I went through the U.S. CONSULATE GENERAL - CIUDAD JUAREZ, MEXICO WEb site and found the required "Original DHS issued change of status approval notice" for f1-h1
What does they mean by "Original DHS issued change of status approval notice".
I appreciate ur reply.

Thanking you in advance.


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Hardy Please help

Questions regaring

Tijuana, Mexico Permit Fee:

Adults $300.00, per person.
What is included in $300?

Accordng to the US conulate each applicant must pay a US $100.00 application fee. This fee must be paid in pesos at any bank Banamex in Mexico. The branch closest to the Consulate General is located a half block away at 4173 Hipodromo, Ave. Hipodromo # 19, Col. Lomas Hipodromo in Tijuana.
Is this included in $300?

Courtesy shuttle available with 24 hrs notice, in San Diego - Tijuana area only
We will need one. Do we have to pay for this? Courtsey shuttle I am assuming means free.

From the Us Consulate to the INS border, we suggest you to take a taxi to the end of the line
How much do they charge for taxi? US dollars ok?

We will have a person available upon request to escort you from the US Consulate to the INS border, at no additional charge.
Question/Comments: We will need help/excosrt here a mentioned above.

Question/Comments: What about transportation from border to Sandiego hotel?

Question/Comments: What documents do you need from me?


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DHS issued change of notice


I do not know what it means, I took my 797 (H1 approval)
LCA copies, tax info, paystubs along with any docs mentioned
in the application but I do not remember seeing anything called
You might have to ask a lawyer about that or email the consulate, they will clarify.


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the website was given to me by my friend who used that service.
There is a person called Jorge who runs this service and he seemed pretty reliable.
The money covers the application fee in pesos to the US consulates , a 3 day visitors visa to Mexico which is required if you are not a US citizen , he picks you up at the airport in SanDiego, drops you off at the hotel, picks you up again and drops you off the consulate , picks you up after the job is done then drives you back to the hotel or the airport.
You pay nothing extra for all of the above.
You will be spending money for food and a night stay if necessary out of your pocket.
If you need a visa to Mexico, you need to send him your passport and visa copies along with the copy of the appointment letter from the consulate and a notarized letter downloaded from his website which authorizes him to get a 3 day visa for you to Mexico.