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Successful CP Interview in Kathmandu.


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After a long and frustrating wait of more than a year, I finally had my Visa approved today.

I don't know what I'm feeling right now.

But basically, as you can read from my signature, I entered the EDV Lottery on Oct 5th, 2007. I was 18 years old then, and I was in the middle of 12th grade.
I received my 1st NL as I was taking my final exams in June 2008. I finished my exams in the same month and sent out my forms to KCC and I was still 18.

I checked High School, No Degree in my EDV entry. I checked Other, and wrote GCE A-levels in the DSP 122.

I'm mentioning this because raevsky and LucyMO told me that I would not qualify for a Diversity Visa because I had not got my final results and the actual diploma from the 12th grade when I filled out my DS 230 and DSP 122. That turned out not to be true. You qualify for a DV if you have completed 12 years of education by the time of the Interview. (I was scared about this for a while though)

Note: Hepatitis A or B(or any such disease other than ones mentioned) will not disqualify an applicant.( I had Hepatitis A very recently and was worried about it being a problem) And a special mention to applicants processing their cases in Kathmandu -- The Doctor does not ask you to strip during the checkup. Phew! I wonder if it's the case with other places as well.

Since Kathmandu has to process so many DV cases, this post does not adhere to the date set by KCC. For me the date was June 9th, but on that day I was asked to submit all my documents, pay the $775 fee and was fingerprinted. I was told to come back for an offical interview on June 19th.

June 19th:

Not much action I have to say. Rougly a hundred applicants, all approved except for two whose medicals had not come in -- and they were told they'd get their cases approved as soon as there medicals came in. 100% sucess rate.

My interview was one of the last ones to be taken for that day. Had to wait for a few hours for my turn to come up.

When it finally did, a cute CO called my name up. She really was beautiful and all my nervousness disapeared when I got to see her up close.
I said Good Morning and smiled and she said Good Morning and smiled. (I knew this was gonna go well from then on). She asked me to sign the DS 230 and started typing on her computer. Since she was not saying anything, I thought I'd start a conversation.

Me: Can I ask you a question Mam.
CO: Sure, go ahead.
Me: How do you get to pay in-state tution in once you get to America.
CO: That's a really nice question. Wait.
She then calls up another CO who starts coaching me on how to get in-state tution rates.(I pretend I am interested). She comes back after the guy finishes.
CO: Where are you going?
Me: Cali (Even though I'm really going to NY)
CO: How much money will you take?
Me: What the Central Bank rules allow. I think thats US$ 5k.
CO: How old are you? 18 or 19?
Me: I'm 19 Mam.
CO: Pick up your Visa on June 30th, 2:00 PM.

I really wanted to tell her that she was cute, but I didn't do it.

A major concern for me was separating from my girlfriend, but luckily she got a scholarship to do her BS and she got a 5 year Student Visa. (It was the same CO who interviewed both of us)

Now there are a lot of people who I need to thank. They made me feel hopeful when I had no hope at all or just gave me best wishes. That meant a lot. Thanks guys. I'm gonna mention a few names, but if I miss you out, please forgive my ignorance.

alemitmee, arya2004k, levelheaded, raevsky, La1, Fery, DVWinner2009, 3mkmahmud or whatever his name is, bibekeyo (Did i get that right?), Niang Myan, Gerindo, the guy who uploaded the pdf graph with the CN projections, Zap0paz, payam_prz, rick92.( I enjoyed arguing with Tazmania and some others.)

And of course

A big thanks to Mr. Rajiv Khanna for this wonderful forum.

I wish everyone luck.
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Me: How do you get to pay in-state tution in once you get to America.
Establish your domicile for 12 month in the state you want to attent the university and you can get it - maybe. Things can be more complicated if you are not 22, I would strongly recommend to speak with an admission consular.


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Congrats buddy... .. Your details give me some relief.. Like u said 100% success rate... !!!! Do you have any idea like there is another interview date before the 26th???

So when are you likely to fly?


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first of all congratulation on your approval.i need your help please ,i'm having a hard time posting a question on this website i tried and tried your help will be appreciated thanks.