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I am 30 years old, married, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting which will complete in 2010. My I-485 petition on marriage basis was denied due to deportation orders issued against me in Aug 96. I have an offer from relatives in New Zealand to go there on a Student Visa to study Child Development for 3 years and then they will sponsor me for employment. On NZ immigration website it says that they don’t issue Visas to anyone who has been deported from any country and they also need a FBI clearance report. My question is about the FBI clearance report, would it contain the information about deportation and is it a bad idea to request this report? How would the NZ immigration find out about my immigration status?


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The visa gives you permission to enter into Some Country .Student visa is a visa specifically for the students wanting to go to some other country for education purpose. Citizens of all countries are eligible to apply for a student visa.


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Australia is a very hot destination for the students of the overseas countries. Australian Government has released 14.7$ billion in 2009 for providing the highly sophisticated infrastructure to schools and various educational institutions. The government of this country is highly dedicated to provide world class educational methods to the future generations. The students who are seeking admission to the schools or colleges of Australia must obtain a student visa. Student visa permit you to stay in Australia as a temporary resident according to your course duration.An applicant of a student visa will prove his eligibility in terms of personal, financial and academic substances. The capability to afford Airfares, tuition fees, accommodation, ability to support the dependent family members in the course of the studies etc are included in the financial eligibly of the applicant.