Stil- waiting for good news

   I am in US, for 13 years , after all ,INS judge denid me asylum ,
did not beliv me , I appeled on desision .Now I am waiting it\'s
4th year.
   During those years US hade to bomb my country, wich now ther is
big proof for my case.----Is ther some good news for me ??

Jack Archer

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I\'m sorry to know that your asylum request was denied. Don\'t forget that the burden of proof is on the person asking for asylum. It means if you claim fear of persecution you have to present all evidences supporting your claim like photographs, videos, media reports, credible witnesses, medical results etc.

 US Immigration department once denied asylum to a boat load of Jewish refugees genuinely fleeing horrible Nazi persecution in Europe. Most of those refugees ended up dead in Nazi concentration camps.
 The Asylum policy is far from perfect. Just be sure to present all the evidences you can get to support your case.