Staying in the US for too long on H2B?


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Hello Guys,

I'll try keep this as detailed as possible.

My last H2B visa (2015) was valid until November 15th, I went home early on the 25th October and returned on the 3rd November to the 15th November as a vacation period (I had an ESTA it has been stamped until 29th January) (I didn't stay past 15th Novemeber to avoid overstaying an active visa although I wasn't working)

I'm looking to return on the 15th February 2016 a month earlier than my H2B start in mid March as I know I would have to leave the country and re-enter for my H2B to then become active.

My question is, will this raise any concerns with immigration as I would have visited the US twice in between my H2B visas?

Thank you,