Stage 2 of NORI


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I recently received the stage I attested (3) forms from the US consulate, NY., i.e., attested copies of biodata and affidavit.

I have few questions about stage 2.

1. MHRD has an online portal and I submitted the attested copies online. Is that it?
Should I send the form (hard copies) to the MHRD (The Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Department, ES-5 Division, External Scholar Ship Division., 2nd floor, Wing-6, West Block -1, R.K. Puram, Delhi- 110 066.)?

2. My home town is Trivandrum, Kerala.

Does anyone know the address to which I have to send these forms?

3. I googled for passport addresses and found this (My passport is issued from Trivandrum).

SNSM Building, 3,4th Floor, Kaithamukku Petta Rd, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695024, India

Is this the right address and does anyone know to whom should I address?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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HRD activity completely done online (No physical copies) and they send messages back & forth (you will get email).
(March 23'21 - File pending as they reverted saying every field had to be categorially marked Yes / No and no blanks & NA allowed). I responded by saying those instructions are not there on the consulate application web pages.

Passport Office - I created a request with Passport Seva (Mumbai office) and was fortunate they accepted my email submission.As i acquired different citizenship file in Delhi since March 23' 21

State Govt (Maharashtra )- Have submitted my application through regular mail and no update on tracking number since April 19th .Portal only for Indian citizens.