SSC Marks card in liew of birth certificate

I am planning to apply for GC for my father. My father does not have birth certificate but he has the SSLC(10th std) marks card with the date of birth specified.
Is this enough ? He has a self affidavit notarized specifying that his date of birth is as specified in the SSLC marks card.
Thanks in advance for suggestions.


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How about this response..from another forum you posted in

You will also need a NABC for the Birth Certificate. NonAvailability........ from the relevant district Offices.
Then USCIS may very well offer you the option of a DNA test.
We cannot get the BC, as it was never registered. I am planning to get an affidavit from my father's elder brother for the birth certificate.


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Getting the NABC is much harder than getting BC
We cannot get the BC, as it was never registered. I am planning to get an affidavit from my father's elder brother for the birth certificate.
You seem to be contradicting yourself then. You said it was difficult, not impossible, and not as difficult as getting an NABC. Anyway I can’t see a school certificate being in any way an acceptable form of identification for immigration purposes.
As per this link, travel dot state dot gov

Birth Certificates

Available for births after April 1, 1970. Birth certificates are issued by the Municipal Authority or any office authorized to issue birth and death certificates by the Registrar of Births & Deaths. Under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act of 1969, births are required to be registered in almost all of the States and Union Territories of India. Prior to April 1, 1970, the reporting of births was voluntary.

If an individual born after April 1, 1970 is unable to obtain a birth certificate, a certificate of non-availability is generally available from local authorities...

In cases in which a birth certificate from authorities is unavailable or contains insufficient information regarding the birth or the parents, the following documents could be accepted as secondary evidence in lieu of the birth certificate:

  • School-leaving certificate, Matriculation certificate or Certificate of Recognized Boards from the school last attended by the applicant; or, a baptismal certificate from a church.

  • If none of the above can be obtained; applicants may provide a notarized affidavit executed by either a parent, if living, or another close relative older than the applicant. This affidavit should clearly state the relationship between the deponent and the applicant, how well the deponent knows the applicant, the date and place of the applicant's birth, the names of both parents, and any other related facts.
I got the NABC from the rural district office , but it is in native language . So I am going to get it translated and notarized in English. Hope that is enough.