Spouse's EAD validity

I am employed and my husband is not( Currently I am on H1 and my husband on H4). So effectively he gets my priority date. My priority date went current based on my husband's country of birth. For those who are wondering, it's called cross-chargeability. I have I485 AOS pending, and my husband has EAD/AP and AOS pending (My employer's lawyers said EAD/AP was not necessary for me since I already have a valid H1). Obviously my husband's EAD/AP will come in sooner than our Green Cards. However, I have a new job offer which I would like to accept. I understand that I can change employers if my I485 is pending since more than 180 days, but I would like change jobs sooner than that. Assuming my new employer is willing to transfer my H1, and if I wait till my husband receives his EAD, will the EAD still be valid while my I485 is effectively revoked?