Spouse sponsoring question

Hi i'm new to the forums, I just found this site through google and wanted to ask a question in regards to sponsoring my wife.

My wife is pregnant at four months, I've still haven't sent in the application to sponsor her, but plan to this week. I'm a Canadian Citizen living and working in Kosovo and trying to sponsor my wife from here and move back to Canada together.

1) Will I be posed with a problem in case i send in my application, while waiting for a confirmation, our child is born, will i need to redu all my sponsorship applications again to include our child in the applications as well or how does that work?

2) The medical examination requires a chest x-ray to be done for the ones being sponsored, in my case, my wife who is also pregnant, does she have to do the chest x-ray ?

3) My wife has 6 brothers and sisters, including her two parents, do I need to do a medical check for each and everyone of them as stated in IMM 0008?

4) We would really like to have the baby be born in Canada, is there a way for us to get my wife's application processed faster then 4 to 6 months?

Thank you.