Spouse (on H4) - Travel during AOS - Question


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Hello Rajiv Sir,
Thank you for your service. I had a question on travel to India.
I am on H1 and my spouse on H4 (and she works on H4 EAD).
We filed our 485 Application in September 2021 and so far we have received EAD/AP combo cards. We also finished our 485 interview more than a month ago.

My Spouse wants to travel to India for couple of weeks as her dad is sick. We wanted to check if
1. Her travel to India will cause any additional checks and hence may cause further delays to the 485 process?
2. Should she plan to do the H4 visa stamping in India OR would it be OK for her to come back on AP? Which one is preferred?
3. If she uses AP, will that impact her status of H4 (EAD) and my status of H1 in anyway?

Thank you Sir.