Sponsoring Parents when 485 Pending


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Hello folks
My 140 approved 485 pending. H1B visa expire
on Oct 2005. My parents going for B1 Visa
on Aug 05. Which one is better to show
at consulate?

H1B status? --When my parents go there
its only 2 months to expire..
485 Pending ? Can I show this status
to sponsor B1? Anybody did this before?
please post your experiences


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My mother got tourist visa while my I-485 is pending. I think that is ok. Ofcourse depends on the officer too. If this is first time they are coming, you have to think twice. If they have been here before and returned within the time, I think there will not be any problem.Try to submit evertything like I-140 approval (if you have one) , I-94, passport (all pages), EAD, bank statement, form I-134 etc.


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I feel like a fool having to ask this, but I must..
Does one need both a Green Card and an Advance parole to travel out side of the U.S?

I am currently waiting for my Name check to be completed (ever since our interview back in Oct.2004) There's some confusion there as the INS claims my name check is not completed while the FBI said it is...

Anywho, In the mean time I had a family thing I have to go to back home, and applied for an advance parole (Receipt date Mar 21, 2005) but am pretty sure it will not be granted as my status before I got married was Illegal..

Is there anyone here with a similar background, who applied for the Advance parole and was granted one..? IF so, were you able to exit & enter the U.S safely? and did you need to show a Green Card as well..?

Again, Sorry for all the dumb questions.. I feel lost & confused, and have no clue what the rules & regulation really are!

Help me..?