Sponsoring parent and marriage certificates


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I am looking to sponsor my dad for GC, My Mother passed away few months back, Do we still need his marriage certificate to apply? if yes, Since his marriage is not registered what do we need as a supportive document?
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Hello Sandy - I am in a similar boat as you.
I already applied for my father and did not have my parents marriage certificate, so I got a RFE. If you have the marriage certificate, please add it while filing. If you don't have it, start the process of getting it.
My parents marriage was also NOT registered so I added affidavit from 3 relatives but still got a query (may be USCIS did not read my file) but that is the supportive document we can use.
I am going to reply with more affidavits and also going to include old photos of my parents.
Which country are you from?

Check this site out :


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Thanks for the details. Also one more thing, I am from India, Do you mind sharing your contact email or phone so we can chat. Thanks Sandy.xxxxx
Never a good idea to share your contact details with strangers on the Internet and even less so to post it publicly