sponsoring for new born child

My wife and I have 485 approvals recently. My wife is pregnant and wants to deliver our baby in India. What are the legal issues that we should be aware of to get my wife and new born back to USA safely and quickly?
Thanks a lot for any feedback.


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Passports stamped (I-551)?

Since you mention having "approved" I-485 do you have the passports stamped? If yes then you are lawful Permanent residents and your wife can go to India and come back with the baby. She may have to go with all paperwork (your, her and the baby\'s) to the US consulate in India for return trip.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many airlines do not allow air travel for women who are in advanced stages of pregnancy. This is just as a precautionary measure.

Easiest way out would be to have the baby in US (a US citizen) and go to India as soon as baby and mom are upto it.