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This is my first time posting. I am a USC who would like to sponsor my mother for GC via consular processing in Pakistan. I have the following documents ready to mail to USCIS but am having a little issue:

1) I-130
2) My Birth Certificate.
3) Copy of my US Passport.
4) Copy of mother's passport.
5) Mother's travel history for the past 10 years.
6) Mother's Birth Certificate.

My father is no longer alive and I have a copy of his death certificate as well.

Issue is that my Birth Certificate does not have my mother's maiden name, it contains her married name; my mother's Birth Certificate contains her maiden name. I believe in such a situation I may need to show proof of name change by providing a document such as my parent's marriage certificate which we do not have; not even sure if their marriage was registered anywhere; she does not remember either (she is over 72 years old). I have tried to research this and have seen suggestions of getting affidavits which we may be able to do.

I wanted to ask if there was anything else I should look into or am I over reacting with the whole marriage certificate thing?

Please advise.



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My situation is almost identical to yours. My father passed away as well, and I filed for my 72 year old mother (born in 1945). My Birth certificate also has her married name and I went through the whole process smoothly. She just picked up her passport with US visa and US Welcome packet last week. She will be in the US September 1st.
Be prepared to produce many more documents though. Once you get a visa number and the case is referred to the National Visa Center, you may also have to produce copies of criminal background checks for all the jurisdictions your mother has lived in. Expect additional fees as well.

So my mother's case is now with NVC and they are asking for Police Clearance Certificate. I am a little confused on this as I see the following on travel.state.gov's reciprocity site:

Police Records

Comments: Pakistan has no nationwide tracking system for criminal activities. Police Character Certificates are available for a fee from District Coordinating Offices. However, they are not an accurate reflection of an individual's criminal record. An applicant who has committed a crime in one district may be able to obtain a clean Character Certificate from that district or another. Given the inaccuracy of these certificates, they are not required for consular processing.

Does this mean I do not need to submit the Police Clearance Certificate? Where would one get this from anyway in Pakistan?

Please share any suggestions or advice if anyone knows how to go about this, much appreciated.

Hello everyone,

We were able to procure all the required documents and my mother's visa was approved. She did not receive any sealed or unsealed envelopes/packets from the US Embassy. She did receive a compact disc (CD) from the medical center where she underwent her medical exam and received immunizations. She was instructed to give the CD to the immigration officer when she visits the US.

Upon her arrival in the US (JFK in NYC), she was momentarily taken to the secondary inspection. Her passport was stamped with the entry port/date with the words "IR5" written in pen. They did not take the CD from her or ask her any other questions, nor did they mention anything about her physical green card delivery address. She was very tired from the long journey so she forgot to ask also.


1) I wanted to ask does the entry stamp (one that has IR5 written in pen on it) serve as the endorsement?

2) Also, is there anyway for me to find if her physical green card has been ordered? There is a case number that got created when I paid her Immigrant Fee via her USCIS account but the status of that case does not explicitly mention if a card has been ordered or not.

I also want to thank everyone who contributes to this forum as it has been very helpful to me during this process.



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She is not visiting, she is immigrating, er, immigrated. The US is now her permanent home.
1) yes
2) green card is ordered once a combination of fee payment and US arrival on IV. So, yes it's been ordered and give it about a couple of months.

Glad you found this forum helpful! Please take time to volunteer and help others on this forum.
A little update. My mother has received her social security AND her physical green card; both in less than 2 weeks of her entry. Very pleasantly surprised at this level of efficiency.

Thank you 1AurCitizen, my mother and I are still getting used to the idea that she's here permanently now and you are right that she's no longer a "visitor"....:). And I would love to help on this forum with the knowledge and experience I have gathered through this process.