Spelling Mistake In Documents


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I born in India and my Birth Certificate is in Hindi, I got translated before came to US. All my documents have my mother's name spelling XXIXX Birth certificate, passport, Marriage Certificate etc, but she writes her name XXEEXX. Recently my parents added surname in their names they didn't have before. They gave advertisement in Indian Gazette & newspaper and changed their passports with their new names, few months ago they obtained their birth certificate with new names, they didn't have birth certificate before. So, all their documents are with the new names with proofs of old names but I still have that old birth certificate with their old names. so, my question is, will it create any problem in visiting visa or green card process?. Should I apply for correction in my birth certificate mother's name XXIXX to XXEEXX or for their both of them names with surname. but I heard that in birth certificate names never change only correction can be done.

Early reply will be appreciated.

Thank You