Spanish Consulate in Los Angeles


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Hello everyone,

I am traveling to Spain and would like to know if there is anyone that has applied and been approved for a Visa at the Spanish Consulate in los angeles, CA with a travel document.

I'd like to know your experience and the process...I tried calling them, but the man on the phone was extremely rude :mad:
That's funny, while I was in Spain I found the people there to be very welcoming and warm. A bit more direct than Americans, but when it comes to customer services they weren't more rude than the average New York deli clerk. I do speak Spanish as a native though, so that may have helped.

Just gather all your paperwork and show up at the embassy. Depending on which Visa you want, you may need to book a date for an interview, I don't remember the process very well, but you should bring your passport and other personal documentation, and any sort of proof that you have things to come back to (proof that you have a job, that you are studying, that you have enough money to support you during the time you are in Spain, that sort of stuff).


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I've heard the Spanish missions are not that great to deal with, ESPECIALLY with an RTD. See if you can apply with a Northern European mission like that of the Netherlands or Sweden. They're much more professional.