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    21 September 2005
    An Email Exchange:
    Dear Mr. Rajiv
    We would like to bring to your notice the plight faced by thousands of techworkers, because of retrogession of EB2, EB3 categories.Many who had made plans etc have to be put in the back burner and more over Indians wont be paid back their social security and tax money if they plan to quit USA for good!!!
    We would like expert guidance from peers like you who are veterans, plz guide us in this dark hour!!!!

    My Response
    We are in the process of setting up a web site for this (probably ImmigrationPortal.Org). I did a conference call with a group from Ohio yesterday. I am CC ing their representatives on this mail. Please coordinate with each other. I have also spoken with our CPA. We have an account set up to collect money, if needed.

    We are working on setting up the proper infrastructure.

    Regards. Rajiv.

    20 September 2005
    Minutes of teleconference
    Subject: Retrogression Telecon: Summary of our con call

    Below is the summary of our conversation that we
    intend to post to the group. Please eyeball it and If
    you are OK with it, we will post it.

    Thank You.



    We discussed with Attorney Rajiv Khanna. We explained
    about our group, our energy and enthusiasm to tackle
    this employment based retrogression. Rajiv was very
    understanding. He is of the opinion too that this
    Issue should be addressed. In a nutshell he is willing
    to help us in this regard. He did feel that this
    retrogression issue, if not addressed will get worse
    in the years to come. So guys, the good news is he is
    on board with us !!

    Here is the summary of the telecom:

    1) Is a law suit is possible to address retrogression?
    Rajiv feels, it may be possible. He wants to work on this.
    If legally this will fly, he will go for it. He will
    look at it from legal angles.

    2) Rajiv will work on the draft petition we have. He
    will make modifications to this. Once this is done
    this petition can be used by us to send petitions.
    Rajiv will need some time to research and come up with

    3) Also, this petition will be made available online
    on a website. People can sign the petitions online.
    The more signatures the better. Rajiv can then use
    these signatures to further our cause.

    4) Most likely, a new website will be created under
    the auspices of Attorney Khanna’s Office. The new
    website will have at least 50% free bandwidth (to
    prevent hanging up when there is too much load). The
    new website will be setup to be secure and will
    eventually have the capability to accept donations,
    when this will become necessary. Rajiv’s office has
    the hardware and software necessary for this already.
    He will also talk to his IT folks to get this going.
    This website will become a one stop shop dedicated to
    addressing all retrogression Issues, our efforts etc.

    He needs volunteers who have expertise in Linux
    Apache MySQL PHP to help out in this.

    Experts in this area, please send email to the group
    ASAP with Subject: Linux Apache MySQL PHP. If you can
    write a small paragraph of your expertise in this
    area, that will be appreciated.

    5) Rajiv feels, our approach should be multi pronged.
    He will look at the legal angle, setup the website
    specifically for retrogression etc and work on the
    legal Issues. Simultaneously, he feels we should
    contact industry leaders etc.

    6) Rajiv feels that a full time knowledgeable person
    who is committed to this cause should be hired. This
    person will co-ordinate tasks, follow up on issues,
    make sure the media gets the right message etc. There
    is a lot of work. This is going to be an effort over a
    period of time. So, he will lookout for someone who
    is committed, someone who he feels can do the job and
    understands the big picture. He also feels we should
    all work on this.
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