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I have tried to keep my signature updated with the most up to date information, so other people can get all the relevant information about my case. Since most of us folks here are analytical, we like to slice and data to come up with our individual theories. Many times we do come close to making an accurate analysis of what’s going on in USCIS.

I would like to get your feedback on how to standardize our signatures so that they contain the maximum amount to relevant information. Also, I would like to urge all members to sport a standard signature at all times.

Please add you suggestions/comments to this thread.


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hey ma_labor,

ur case is one that i watch closely..very similar dates..

Sure, there are many of us who are around the same trimeframe. We should stick together and help each other with every possible detail. I have gotten so much information here that wouldn't have been possible to get anywhere else. Good luck desi_ma.

PS-Maybe after we get our GC, bunch of us local guys in MA should meetup in a bar in Boston to celebrate :)


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Here is my signature

EB3: India
PD: June 2001
I-I40 AD: September 2005
I-485 RD: July 2005
485 VSC>TSC: March 2007
2nd FP: May 12, 2007 LUD: May 08, 2007
I-485 AD: ???


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That would be great if we can all have a standardized signature format. I too thought about it once. Unfortunately, without an automated system or sanction from the admins, I don't see it happening.

Even then, I do feel that people who have been active or around for a while do have the relevant information in their signatures, though not in the same format or having a consistent look to it. Check mine for instance: ;)


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Here's my signature Ma_Labor
EB3/INDIA/VSC/PD: 06/19/2001
140 AD: 08/02/04
I485 RD: 08/10/04
FP (Code 3) Done: 08/24/05
485 Transferred to TSC: 03/12/07
485 LUD: 03/15/2007
Biometrics (Code 1): 05/11/07


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I don't think MA_Labor is looking for signatures or autographs here.

Yes, we are, me and MA-Labor have decided to collect all the signatures, cut and paste in an album, makes multiple copies and then sell at the Books-A-Million, the headline of the book will be "Painfull truth of the Legal Immigrants" in United States, and will collect some money to pay the fees which are increasing in July for EAD & AP.

Who ever signature will be in the book will get the money to pay the fees.

Please tell all your friends to sign the book.