Shipping to India?

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  1. FK1983

    FK1983 New Member

    I am moving to India and have a lot of stuff. Does anyone know of a cheap way to get a bunch of stuff shipped over?
  2. Miami-Jen

    Miami-Jen New Member

    I have used a couple services to ship things internationally. While living in Dubai I used Aramex a lot. Once I moved to India I had family ship things from the US to India for me, but that was a major hassle. I still love and miss many of the little things from the US, for example; certain foods, cleaning products, hygiene products, and clothes. To be honest, the deals and quality from the US are unmatched. In the past I would buy from Amazon or Macy's and have them delivered to my parents, then have them ship internationally for me, because most retailers don't. Recently I began shipping with American eBox because they gave me a US delivery address, then forward everything to Bangalore. The prices are not bad for express delivery, actually a lot cheaper than UPS or DHL. Check them out if you need a similar service, I think they do larger moves too.
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  3. arren

    arren New Member

    use self services of courier company.
  4. domino81

    domino81 New Member

    If speaking about leaving the United States, then there are dozens of moving companies are working with India either

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