Shipping to India?

I have used a couple services to ship things internationally. While living in Dubai I used Aramex a lot. Once I moved to India I had family ship things from the US to India for me, but that was a major hassle. I still love and miss many of the little things from the US, for example; certain foods, cleaning products, hygiene products, and clothes. To be honest, the deals and quality from the US are unmatched. In the past I would buy from Amazon or Macy's and have them delivered to my parents, then have them ship internationally for me, because most retailers don't. Recently I began shipping with American eBox because they gave me a US delivery address, then forward everything to Bangalore. The prices are not bad for express delivery, actually a lot cheaper than UPS or DHL. Check them out if you need a similar service, I think they do larger moves too.
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