September 2009 n-400 fillers

On holidays traveling across nation :)

BTW, Got my passport yesterday.


Mine was mailed Thursday. Probably, I'll receive it on Monday.
You seem to have gotten ahead of me in spite of applying four days later!!! I guess the location where you apply matters in terms of having your application reach the processing center faster.
Finally got Oath Letter

Finally I got Oath letter in mail today after waiting for 24 days. Oath is scheduled on 29th Jan.

Good luck to every one !!
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We had interview today

Both my wife & I had interview today. We both passed. Both of ours was pretty simple interviews.
Got Oath letter for 5th February.


21st Sept - Application Sent

09th Oct - FP

17th Oct Case Transferred

21st Dec Interview

05 Feb - Oath Dt
Passed Interview and Test today.

6 Questions:
* When was the Decleration of Independence adopted?
* Name of Speaker of the House?
* Longest River?
* We elect a President for how many years?
* What do we call the first ten amendments?
* Who lived in America before the Europeans?

* Who was Abraham Lincoln?

* Abraham Lincoln was the President during the Civil War.

In and out within 15 minutes. Everybody was very corteous and polite despite me arriving about one hour early. Could have had oath on February 5th in Hartford (and OL today) but chose February 12th in New Haven. Now I have to wait for OL to arrive in mail.

Wish everybody else here lots of luck as new citizen.
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Inverview experience: Interesting to see all these "nice officer", "good officer", "courteous officer" blah di blah di blah messages. My experience was completely the opposite. Right from the get go it was clear that the officer was not going to approve me. Very terse tone, almost like an interrogation, and the interview took over an hour (!). I was questioned on every line, with the officer making extensive notes (all in uppercase), with quite a few details that appeared irrelevant to me put in big uppercase on my N-400 (such as that I was renting, and had not yet brought a house, that I travelled 4 times to India, that I was a contractor at Big Evil Bank, that I claim that I have no children other than those listed on the application, that I claim I have been married only once etc) (officer actually wrote this stuff in big uppercase: 'applicant claims that he has only been married once', 'applicant claims he has never been arrested abroad'). In the end, my case was not approved.

It seemed to me that the officer was just looking for something to deny me on, and because there was not much else, they came up with an nice original one: the fact that I had other US visas on my passport (B1/B2s obtained prior to coming into the US for employment) that did not have 'cancelled' stamped across their face. The great idea was that I might be lying and might have travelled on a B1/B2 after receiving my green card! Well. What can I say. I might just have been told that I do not qualify because I don't have purple hair. I said that is not something I control, I don't issue visas, and I don't cancel them. The same passport had been provided for the employment visa to begin with, and thereafter for the green card, and the US visa authorities had ample opportunity to cancel anything they wanted to.

Finally I was handed a sheet that neither approved nor denied my application, and the officer said I will receive an N-14 in the mail after my application has been reviewed thoroughly. So I am waiting for them to invent something weird.

I went in thinking there was really not much to my case - straightforward, and clean as a whistle. I have an employment based green card, just the one same wife from many years before I even thought of coming to the US, no arrests, no DUI, not even a single traffic ticket in the last 8 years here. All taxes filed timely, paid, but aaha - that B1/B2 visa... Gotcha!
hi topchi7
this seems stupid....they invent reasons to not give u case it just took 3 mins in there...i had a traffic ticket once i dont mention it ...i have had 7 trips outside usa..india,singapore and canada...dint even bother to ask .....

May be the officer's wife yelled at him for no apparent reason he dint give u the green signal for no apparent reason i guess...once u get the N-14 let us know what reason did they find...

hope u get ur citizenship soon...
Received notification on Feb 3 that original OD will be postponed and should receive new OL in mail soon. New OL arrived yesterday with new date of March 11, 2010.