Senate Hearing on Imm reform sept 26th


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lacrossegc said:
click the link to this hearing --

Gives details on who will be attending and what their views are on Immigration reform.

These people are fighting for us (indirectly .... atleast) support them in what ever way possible ... write, email, call the senators

The URL points to a July 26 date and I have read the transcripts from that session, which is PAST. What is this Sep 26th session you are talking about?


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What does this new bill get us?

moreover I am not sure what this bill gets to us "legal" immigrants.. This bill mainly talks about creating new visa category and immigration process for "illegal" workers.. What are we getting out of this..?? I am afraid if they decide to create additional visa categories and allocate visa numbers to that again (just the way they granted additional visa numbers for EB3 schedule A workers ie. the nurses), then we can be in even bigger soup. If they make additional changes to the process, we who are waiting for more than 4 years can be in even further trouble, isn't it?

Can someone clearly tell what do we benefit from this bill? Does it address the retrogression problem in any way?


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buried somewhere (section 600 or something) is the proposal to increase the total number of immigrant visas in both family and employment based categories + it talks about re-allocating th employment based visas amongst the EB levels differently, like EB-1 and 2 at 20% and EB-3 at 35% and then others. Thats the side-agenda in this bill that benefits people impacted by retrogression.