Seeking H1B sponsorship for C# .NET Developer 6 years experience


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I have 6 years work experience in C# .NET 4.0, with SQL Server 2008 R2. Received WPF/WCF 4.5 training too. Currently working in NCR with MNC, have experience on full SDLC in numerous projects. Looking for H1B sponsorship visa for any upcoming full time jobs.
Will send resume on request.

Skills:: .NET 4.0 (WCF/WWF/WPF/Silverlight), Smart Client, Entity Framework, LINQ, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Tridion Training (CMS)
Patterns:: Bridge, Strategy, DI/IOC, Factory Method, Abstract Factory, Gateway, Composite, Adapter, Decorator, Façade, Proxy, Observer, Command, Template, State, MVC/MVP/MVVM.
Database:: SQL Server 2005/2008 R2, MS Excel, MS Access, XML
Programming Languages and Scripting:: C# .NET 4.0, JavaScript, XML, XAML, XSLT, VB6 (basics by work in excel).
Applications/Blocks/Tools:: CAB/SCSF, Subversion, JIRA, Ent Lib Application Block v5.
OS:: Window XP, Server 2003/2008, Windows 7, Vista
Functional:: Co-Created SRS, UML Use Cases, Class Diagrams, Object Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, and LLD per module/screen functionality.
Domain Experience:: Investment Banking, Retail/ERP, Legal