Seeking extension on Consular Processing Fee Payment


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My first I -140 was approved while I was in the US with a PD of Sep 2010. Moved to a new employer and Later, I moved to india for visa stamping and got Stuck on 221g. The employer has meanwhile filed PERM and i-140 while I am stuck in India with consular processing option. Immediately in Jan 2013, 140 was approved and I have received an invoice for $410 each for self & spouse. As the EB2 PD is stuck in Sep 2004, I am not sure why the payment is required even before PD becoming current. I am hoping to travel back to US some time this year and would like to convert the processing to AOS instead of CP but it seems the Immigrant Visa application fee due by Jan 28,2014.

Appreciate if some one experience can guide me on the following.

1. Can I seek extention to pay the fee since the PD is retrogressed by 10 years as I will be travelling back to US in 2 months time

2. What happens if the extension for fee payment is not made by the due date?. Will I-140 be voided and do I have to restart the process?.

3. If I pay the Immigration visa application processing fee now and later move back to AOS, isnt it waste of money with no apprant reason as the PD backlog in 10 years.

Appreciate if some one can guide me on this matter...