seeking asylum with F1 visa HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Political Asylum in USA' started by asylumseeker1, Mar 9, 2007.

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    I'm currently under F1 visa (English school) and will submit my asylum application, I-589, next week. I had paid my tuition until mid April 2007. I have a couple of questions regarding this process:

    1. The school director asked me to pay at least for 6 months tuition so that i can be legal in US. Is this true?

    2. Do I have to maintain my F1 visa until the interview time so that my chance of getting an asylum will not be jeopardized?

    3. Am I still legal if I get the receipt letter from USCIS stating that they had received my application before my school time expires?

    4. How long will it take from getting the receipt letter and the actual interview time?

    I really hope that somebody can help me with these questions. Thank you so much!
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    It depends on the ESL school, and how did you agreed to the school, sometimes they required you to pay in advance for the program or semester, based on what your I-20 study lenght says.

    Although, in status or not, wont matter in the asylum decision, since the decision is purely based if you have a a strong case, or not. However, it will be in your best interest to be in status for the following reasons:

    1. If the asylum office denies your case, and you dont want to go to court, you can withdraw your application and continue in your F1. But if you are already out of status, you can not restablish your F1.

    2. If you are in status, your decision may be mail it to your home, insteed of returning to the asylum office. (true in some cases)

    3. It may look better under the asylum officer or judge. (this is very subjective, but it be good in some cases)

    4. If they deny your case they may not put you in deportation procedures, since you are still in status.

    If your F1 time expires, and you have your "asylum pending" your status is "pending case" so yes, you are "legal-on-case-pending".

    It vary by asylum offices, usually 1 month for the biometrics, and up to 6 months or less for the interview. But again, it really depends of the office and how loaded they are.
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    I sent in my I-589 on Jan 29th. I got the receipt letter on Feb 4th and had my biometrics done on Feb 20th. They first scheduled my interview to March 13th, but my lawyer will be overseas during this period so they will reschedule for me.

    So basically it took about a month and a half from the receipt date to the supposed interview date.

    PS: I'm dealing with the Newark Asylum Office.

    It might help if you could tell us which Asylum office you're sending your I-589. (I suppose some might have a longer backlog)
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    seeking asylum with F1 visa

    I'm actually sending I-589 to Anaheim, California. It's the Los Angeles asylum office. Can anybody tell me how fast they process the application? Receipt date and interview date???

    Thank you!
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    I was also on F1 visa when I applied for Asylum and I got everything done in 45 days. When I sent my application I got a letter after 10 days asking for Biometric checks and then 7 days later I got interview date. When I did my interview I was asked to come back after 14 days to get the answer. When I went after 14 days I was approved:)

    My interview was in SF.
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