Section 221 g for B1/B2 Visa, No document asked Online Status Changed To issued

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  1. manjinder

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    I am wondering if any body can answer my question.
    My wife gave an interview for USA B1 visa and at the interview Visa officer gave Yellow slip called 221G and he took her passport. Then i was checking the online status everyday and the status was ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. But today i got an email which says your document is released and then they gave the Tracking number. The online Status Changed to ISSUED. But the only concern is that at the time of interview they did not asked for any Photograph which she took as per requirement. So is it possible that she got the visa without photo graph. The only photo which they have might be the one which we uploaded by the time of submitting online application.
    please please help me if somebody knows anything about thie similar kind of issue.
  2. SusieQQQ

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    Didn't they take a digital photo of her at the visa appointment (along with digital fingerprints)?
    What did the 221g slip say? Usually a box is checked to tell you what the issue is. It does not always require any further action on the part of the applicant.
    Anyway, "issued" means exactly that, so congratulations. Even for those approved immediately, the status always switches to "admin proccessing" between the interview and "issued".
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    The digital picture taken during her biometrics (usually the day or so before an interview) will be used on the visa foil.

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