Second TN part time and working voluntary for experience


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What are the rules for working part time for a IT consultancy remotely when you are already on a full time TN permit in the USA?

Can we voluntarily work part time with no money transactions just for the experience.
Working remotely has always been a grey area of immigration law. Different people interpret it differently. Generally not allowed.

Volunteering for a job that would normally get paid, is not allowed under US immigration rules.
Obviously, if the second IT job is in US you need a new concurrent TN, regardless of the remote/onsite or part/full time nature.

Any work (paid or otherwise) that's outside your approved TN application is not authorized while on US soil.


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As Amberleaf stated, there are occasions that one can work for a foreign company without a status, while on US soil. One should consult an attorney to make sure. It is NOT however, absolutely forbidden, as jixca contends.


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Thanks for all the help (mentors)and the interview is for tomorrow.

Will look up on the process for filing a concurrent part time TN after consulting attorney.

Regards and au revoir.


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Concurrent part-time TN for US employer is never a problem. Working for foreign employer (who would not be eligible to petition TN for you) is what we are discussing here.