Second RFE within 6 months for the same documents

Applied for 485 in August 2007, EB3. Received RFE in June 2017 for updated G325, I693 medical, Supplement J and we responded. Received letter for in-person interview. Interview went well and our case was not current by then. Received mail post interview that our case is transferred to TSC to balance the work load. Our case is current now and we received the same RFE again for updated G325 (saying that they have data only till 2007), I693 medical (that from Jan 02 2018 they need a new form) and Supplement J (again though we received the approval on the one we submitted last year). We are wondering what happened to all the updated documents we have provided as a response to RFE received in June 2017. Please help us to understand why they are asking again within 6 months of time. Has any one come across the same situation?