Schenegen Visa

Hi Sir

i am Afghanistan National. but now i hold US travel documents, because i reside in USA. and got my Asylum status. i am going to visit my family. but i want to visit on the way from Netherland and Spain? could you please advise if i need visa?

or what are the requirements?


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If you have a refugee travel document (RTD) you don't need a visa for the Netherlands, but if you decide to go to Spain, you DO need a visa. People will tell you just to go to Spain from the Netherlands without a visa because there is no passport control between the two countries, but this is risky. If you are stopped by police, you might get in trouble in Spain.

If you have a re-entry permit (REP) because you already have a green card, you will need a visa for both countries.


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As you are a green card holder so you can easily travel to Netherlander without any visa because of the agreements between the governments of both the countries .But if want to go Spain as well then I thing you surly need a visa otherwise there might be a trouble for you.If you have a refuge visa then it might be in favor of you but it also depends on some legal bindings.