RTD I-131 processing time (sep-dec 2018 fillers)

Hello, friends!
I applied for RTD and still didn't get fingerprint invitation letter
Could you please share your timelines?
How long did you wait/are waiting?
Thank you!


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My Renewal took less four months; My first RTD took nine months and three days to be issued by USCIS and mailed by USPS, I am anticipating the renewal to take 4-9months in future. Good luck!
My last RTD took me a painful 6+ months. Before that, the first one took 2 months, the second one took 3 months. I have to apply for one more RTD this year, hopefully the last one which should see me through a passport. I don't know how long that will take me. I just hope it is 'fast'.
How long took that you receive your green card after applying for that?
I did apply on October 6th 2018, and so far still is pending! I apply for my green card as a grant asylee!