RTD + Green , cruise?


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Hello all.
I have an RTD (expires aug 2011) and a Green Card.
Can I go on a cruise to the Carribean or Bahamas with the documents I have ? or I will need a visa?


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Just your GC is fine, u don't need a visa,there is no immigration control into the islands using a cruise.Again,to make you feel better,you might want to take eyour RTD with u


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I've been there twice. The second time I hang around with some friends of mine who are actually Bahamian. And for people in their late twenties, I thought it was boring..
I'll let you know if cozumel is any better


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Yes, on bahamas there is no immigration control. No prob;em.

Anybody knows about cruises to other countries in Carrebean? Can we go with RTD?