RFE - W2s original or copies?


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Can you post your details?Can you also explain your RFE(Years of w2 asked...)?

Thank You...


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here are my details -

I-485 filed on May 8, 2002
This is my first RFE, my last set of FP was done in May 2004. FBI name chekc was cleared in Oct 2004.

Here is the RFE I got -

Submit a copy(ies) of the Form 1-797 or 1-171 C approval notice(s) relating to any extensions of stay or change of nonimmigrant status that have been issued to you.

Submit an original letter on company letterhead from your prospective employer who filed Form 1140/1-360 on your behalf stating their continued interest in hiring you, duties t6 be'performed, and remuneration.

Please submit your Federal Income Tax returns, including all schedules and Forms W-2 and/or Forms 1099, for the last two years.

Also, submit copies of personal bank accounts for the last three months.

It appears that your birth was registered late. As such, submit the following documentation to verify your date and place of birth.

Affidavits may be submitted in lieu of unavailable supporting documents such as birth, marriage,
divorce, death, and other similar certificates. If affidavits are submitted, you must explain why the usual supporting documents are unavailable.
Affidavits -- Written statements sworn to or affirmed by two persons, other than yourself and the person for whom you are petitioning" who were living at the time the events(s) occurred, and who have personal knowledge of the event you are trying to prove--for example, the date and place of a birth (including both parents' names); the date and place of a marriage or death. TEe persons making tlie affidavits may be relatives and need not be citizens of the United States. Each affidavit must contain the following information regarding the person making the affidavit: his/her full name and address; date and place of birth; relationship to you, if any; full information concerning the event; and complete details concerning how he / she acquired knowledge of the event.


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What the hell

do they need to know about your bank account info?

Do you do money laundry? LOL


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Hello Sam,

Is your case AC-21 case ? Did you change jobs before/after 180 days..? Why is USCIS asking for so much stuff..since it is touching the case after 3 years...they should just approve it...


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i changed my job in april 05, and my 485 was filed in may 2002... so it's well after 180 days.. and i have no clue WHy they are asking for so much informaiton...


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Nothing to worry.,,,
My attorny had send all the information when we filed including bank statements...having good balance. They will verify whether you are working, paying taxes and bank statement to clarify you are independent and will not claim social security or depend on uncle sam after getting GC.

These are pretty generic stuff, you will be approved.