RFE on my I-485 please help


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On March 12 2009 I got an query on my I-485.
Requesting discrepancy in the labor applied on Nov'7 2002 and present working place.

My company(abc ltd) applied labor on Nov'07 2002 while I was working at the clients(xyz) place in Los Angeles.

I got my I-140 approved on Feb'15 2006, while I was with the same client(xyz) at that time.

On Dec'04 2006 I moved to Detroit, started working with different client.

RFE goes like this.

The Documentation submitted with your application and/or a review of service records indicate that you no longer reside in the same state or geographical location as the underlying form i-140 immigration petitioner and /or job location specified by your intended permanent employer.

There fore submit a currently dated letter from your original form I-140 employer which which address this discrepancy.

I am still working with the same employer who filed my labor certification.

Any gurus who can suggest me on the query would be greatly appreciated.