RFE on I-140

I have filled I-140 in premium processing on Jan 08, 2020 got an RFE. GC filled on EB3 and the priority date is Aug 14th, 2019

RFE talks about to whatever the experience I did provide that does not represent the company that specified in LCA.
I had submitted the exp letter from my Indian company which is a subsidiary of the parent (company that's mentioned in LCA).

I worked for 6 years in this Indian based company and the parent company filled H1 for me and I came to US and started working for this US based company for two years. Now I joined new company and they are filling GC for me.

For this RFE I am planning to produce the offer letter from my parent company in which they mentioned about giving support to Indian company (as a subsidiary) so I feel that would be good enough to prove that whatever the work I did for this Indian company which is a part of US based company. And also I am planning to show them the US based company website in which they have the Indian subsidiary under the Contact page.
So what would you suggest? Thanks in advance