RFE on H1B extension. Can I get married if H1B extension denied?

Hello everybody. Here is my current situation. I am currently on H1B and it's until Sep 09, 2019 and that's when my I-94 expires too. I have applied for H1B extension but received an RFE for specialty occupation. I am currently working on getting the documents for the RFE such as Expert opinion letter, detailed job description and previous client letters as such. But I've heard a lot of people getting their extensions denied. So I'd like to know what my options are.

I've been in relationship with a girl for the past 2 years and she in an american citizen. We've been planning to get married early next year anyway. But what are my chances here if my extension gets rejected? I do not wish to leave the states and have to travel back.

Thanks to all of you in advance!


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A legal team files an extension on behalf of an employer, not you. Any competent lawyer would have submitted those documents during initial filing. H1b is an employer's petition and they should keep a detailed job description throughout a period of employment. Those requisite documents ought to be part of any H1b filing.

The lawyer has to respond to the RFE and provide every genuine document asked for. Other than that you have to exit the US within 60 days following i94 expiration. H1b extension RFEs have been on the rise, with numerous shady consultancies and merit-less employees to blame. The H1b program has long been exploited and has seen a decent bit of fraud.