RFE on H1 transfer-start up company


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i am transfering my H1 from employer A to employer B with PP. With this transfer, my petition got an RFE with following questions and all of them are for my employer:-

a. a copoy of the latest US Income tax retun filed by your firm including all schedules
b. a complete copoy of your 941, Employer's Quaterly Tax Return, for the last two quarters in 2008. i.e six months including all lschedules.
c. externally audited or reviewed financial statements
d. copies of representative purchase contracts and or purchase orders and or invoices for the past six months
e. a company brochure or annual report describing your firms business and the products and or services it provides
f. photographs of your facility where the beneficiary is to perform his/her duties and which clearly depict your organization in action

My new employer is new company and i may be the first to join him. It is worthy to note i am new to US and i am here on H1b from some consultancy company with wierd rules.

Please advice, should be waiting for my current filing approval or should i proceed with another employer?



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I am in a similar boat, I am going to be first one to join a startup. And they asked all the similar questions. So is your H1 approved after those questions? My employer even doesn't have tax filing.
If he doesn't file taxes, he is not likely to be granted a visa approval for you. He has to be able to prove he can pay required wages - and that requires income.